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Are you for sure I can get under 8 days /played time with using your guide from 1-90?

I think a little over 6 days /played time was the fastest some one reported to me using my guide.  Keep in mind that I am a speed runner, so it may be hard to beat or match my record.  My guide however explains everything that I do in order to get the best time I got.

5-8 days /played time to 90 sounds alright for any class.  If you follow the guide without hesitation (that means not being AFK a lot and stuff), then it's possible to get under 4 days played, or even 3.  I cannot make any promise or guarantee that you will do it in less than 3-4 days, that is up to how well your skills are with the class you choose, my guide can help you lead the way with the proper questing patterns and techniques.

Does this guide require me to play all day and every day?

Absolutely NOT!  I don't know why people keep asking me this, but they do!  Obviously the more time you put into it the faster you can get to 90.  However the more time you take off, the more rested XP gets built up.  So it really depends on your own schedule, my guide can help you with the quick leveling aspects while you are playing.  Playing 2 hours a day can get you from 1-90 in about two and a half months using my guide.





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