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Before you email me please read the FAQ:

How will I receive the guide?
This can be ordered worldwide. Everything is digitally sent.  After purchase you will then have instant access to the members area where you can view all the guides online. You get everything instantly, and can then start using it instantly. The guides are all electronical (where as there is nothing physical I send to you, you digitally download them online through a members area, which you can view from any computer in the world that has an internet connection).

Is there a subscription fee?
There is NO subscription fee, you pay only once, and you will always have access/updates to each of the given products (1-70 guide, 70-80 guide, 80-85 guide, and/or 85-90 guide).

I do not have a credit card, or paypal, can I just mail you the money?
Yes, please click here to see all payment options clearly!

Why is the price on your homepage different to the price on the order page?
For some, the difference in price is tax - it is out of my control and is collected by my payment company (ClickBank) and returned to your local government. As I take orders from all around the world I cannot display a with-tax price on the homepage as rates vary wildly from one country to the next.

Can I please have a free copy of your guide?  I am very poor!
I do not give free copies away, sorry.  The only free thing I can offer, is you can sign up for my newsletter, where I can keep you informed about my speed runs and such, and you can also get some power leveling tips as well in your email.

Does this work for a Mac?
Yes it does! I have had no Mac complaints yet.

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